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sound systems

Smart is a smart home and building system, which consists of a range of advanced sound settings that includes the integration of smart technology and connectivity features to improve the way audio is listened to in different environments. Professional sound systems typically consist of smart speakers, speakers, voice assistants and other components that can be controlled and customized using smart devices, such as: smartphones, tablets or voice commands.

Lighting control

Smart lighting system refers to advanced lighting settings that can be controlled and customized remotely using technology, such as switches, smart control panels, smartphones and voice commands. These systems go beyond traditional light switches, offering features that enable users to adjust brightness, color and scheduling according to their preferences and needs in smart buildings.
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Air conditioning

The smart air conditioning system combines comfort, efficiency and savings. It allows flexible control of temperature and air flow in different areas of the home. It is characterized by its ability to automatically adjust the temperature according to external conditions and internal needs without the need for your intervention. Preferred settings, schedules and scenarios can also be set via the smartphone app or via voice controls.

Security, protection and surveillance cameras

The smart security system gives you peace of mind while you are away from home, as you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world. Smart locks, cameras, and motion sensors work; It monitors any suspicious activities or unwanted intrusions and sends you instant alerts on your smartphone. You can control these components remotely using the Morgen app on your smartphone or via voice commands.

Motor control

The smart control motor system provides you with the possibility of personal control over the elements of the house, such as: curtains, doors, windows, garages and awnings. You can control it remotely using the Morgen app or even with voice commands, allowing you to customize the home experience to suit your personal needs and preferences. Blinds and doors can also be programmed to open and close at specific times, enhancing your privacy and security.