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8 Button Moorgen’s Smart Panel

Enjoy a more luxurious life with Moorgen’s smart control Panel. You can control your home environment with customized clicks according to your needs. You can control the lighting system and curtains with eight buttons supporting up to 32 commands and scenes. Configure luxury-enhanced scenes to make your time indoors more enjoyable. Its operational mode performs flawlessly with a comfortable user experience. Each button supports four commands controlled by four patterns: single, double, long press, and long release press, and each mode serves a different solution. Smart Life Tech’s engineers help you design the internal application environment according to your own experience and configure the eight buttons according to your solutions to enjoy an experience designed to make your life easier. 

Product Features :


Button brightness is user-defined

Button laser carving is user-defined

Available in multiple colors

Moorgen’s Multi-zone Sound System

Make your time inside the house more exciting. With Moorgen’s multi-zone sound system, you can control up to 36 speakers distributed in 8 areas inside your home. You can control each speaker individually to enjoy the music atmosphere by the pool or listen to your favorite podcast while eating. You can download your favorite music from your computer easily as it supports the possibility of playing each speaker with a different audio program at the same time. Through your phone, you can play your favorite audio program to ring around you with 3D sound quality that you control according to your needs. It’s a brilliant system that goes into mute mode as soon as a call comes in on your phone. It also supports the radio playback option. Designed to enhance your comfort as it supports the calling feature, you can call someone inside the house from another room or floor from your place. 


Product Features:

Support Bluetooth and AUX audio input.

Supports control from iPhone and Android.

Independent control of each speaker.

36 speakers distributed in 8 areas.

Mic for calling.

Indoor or outdoor speakers.

Moorgen’s smart touchpad

Do you dream of a home that gives you exclusivity? Enjoy the uniqueness of having  Moorgen’s smart touchpad. It is an LCD panel that supports your control of up to 24 commands and scenes  inside your bedroom, including thermostat, heating, lighting, etc. It supports a multi-interface display and supports scrolling between 6 pages, each with four commands.You will like how fun its control is, as the screen interacts with every touch and automatically brightens when you approach it. Once you click on the icon, the device operates, or the scene executes. By pressing the positive and negative symbols, you can control the degree of each command. It responds with perfect implementation for your voice commands, even from 5 meters away. Design the shape of the interfaces according to your choice. It can also be upgraded with video playback options or showing the clock and date, as well as the background changing to gray or crystal.

Product features :

Various screen saver mode options.

Fun control.

Support screen upgrade software.

Support background upgrade software.

24-Button Moorgen’s Smart Remote

It’s time to enjoy the convenience of pushing buttons from your place and letting smart products do all the work. With Moorgen’s smart remote, you can remotely control 24 home devices from one instrument, such as opening or closing the air conditioner, TV, lighting, curtains, music, etc. With the help of Smart Life Tech, you can configure different scenes like cinema mode to enjoy the highest level of comfort and luxury in your home. With its simple design of a metal body with a dynamic curve that supports your palm, its experience will transport you to a place where your mind leaves all the daily distractions behind. Once you choose it, you can configure the buttons according to your solutions and configure your scenes to enjoy unparalleled performance that leads you to new ways that make your life easier.

Product Features :


Customized experience with your solutions.

Control from one place with one click.

Available in multiple colors.

Moorgen’s Smart Rotation Controller

You deserve to enjoy a new lifestyle where every piece expresses a part of your personality. Moorgen’s smart rotation controller is classified as a luxury-level of smart product.  It is an LCD panel that supports your remote control of up to 30 commands inside your home, such as lighting, heating, etc. It helps control one or five commands from a single screen and turns up to 20 pages. It supports the rotary control feature, so press the command and rotate to control each command’s degree. You can switch between pages by sliding the screen, rotating, or waving. It Supports customized photos for screen saver mode. It also features 3 Rotary Smart panels: Tourbillon, Gesture Touch Screen, and Swarovski Crystal.


Product features :

Luxury product.

Control up to 30 commands.

Available in multiple colors.

Various control options.

Various screen saver mode options.

Button Moorgen’s Smart Remote

Do you want to make your life easier? You sure do! With Moorgen’s award-winning smart remote control, you no longer struggle to go upstairs to the upper floors to control your devices! Thanks to its circular glass surface containing four buttons, you can control four home commands of your choice, including lighting, colors, temperature, brightness, shutters, curtains, and music, in addition to 4 integrated scenes from one remote. This fantastic design won four major international design awards: Germany Red Dot, IF, American IDEA, and Japan GOOD DESIGN. It supports rotary control, and each button has two functions: single click and rotation, you can control the device, and double click of the same button, you can execute the scene.This outstanding design has an oblique angle that makes it comfortable to use, and its heavy weight allows you to keep it close to you on a hard surface.

Product Features :

Heavy weight, difficult for children to carry.

Two batteries that last 6-12 months.

Button laser carving is user-defined.

Available in multiple colors.

Moorgen’s Wall-Mounted Rotary Remote Control

Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience. With Morgan’s smart wall remote, you can remotely control four of your home devices and scenes of your choice, such as lighting, curtains, shutters, and music. Its circular surface holds four touch buttons engraved and automated with your devices according to your needs. It supports rotary control. Each button has two functions: You can control the shutters’ opening angle or the music’s pitch with a single click and rotation. With a double click on the same button, you will start enjoying the scenes. You can also choose the control system in groups, such as grouping chandeliers or wall lights together. It is necessary to complete your space’s elegancy. It complements your interior components as a unique piece hanging on your walls and filling your place with luxury to give you a sense of exclusivity. 

Product features :

Modern minimalism design style.

Available in multiple colors.


Battery lasts for 3-6 months.

Supports rotary control.

Easy to use.

Moorgen’s Smart Thermostat

You deserve a perfect night of rest after your long day. With Moorgen’s smart thermostat switch, you can adjust the air conditioner temperature inside your room to enjoy the perfect atmosphere. Thanks to its association with the air purity sensor, you will enjoy high air purity that helps you sleep comfortably.The switch consists of 8 buttons and a smart screen that supports switching between thermostat mode, ventilation mode, and heating mode to adjust the temperature. It also allows you to control three additional commands of your choice to enhance your smart home experience. It is a brilliant system as it has a memory that saves any program you set up so that you can retrieve it when needed. Once installed, you can control it from within the Morgan application on your mobile phone to configure the air conditioner before you return from work.


Product Features :

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