Modbus Protocol

July 9, 2022
Mobus Protocol, also known as Modbus is a communication protocol. Originally established in 1979 to work with industrial electronics, is a major standard used in Smart Building/Home automation systems. Numerous major smart device and industrial manufacturers support this protocol due to its strength, low deployment cost and easy maintenance. Mobus wiring standard cost less than its competitors due to its economical wiring system. Unlike the other standards, it is easy to maintain and deploy. Mobus uses Ethernet or TCP/IP as a transport layer. All the smart devices are connected to the same loop that makes the wiring simple and more efficient. No separate cable is required to deploy each supporting device. Each connected device may have different functions such as a thermostat controlling temperature and another device managing lightings are connected to the same loop relaying data to the same Smart Host. Application of this protocol includes a wide range of scenarios starting from a small smart home automation to a large scale commercial and industrial installations. It is known that deployment and maintenance of Mobus protocol costs approximately 30 percent less than KNX. Mobus is an open-source protocol and has gained support of a large number of manufacturers around the world support.

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