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is the lead and exclusive agent for German company moorgen and is the strategic partner of Al-Ayoubi company in Saudi Arabia's, specializing in what is known as smart homes

Smart home systems (smart buildings)

Smart Home is a system that lets you control many home appliances, including lighting, conditioning, motors (curtains and shutters), sound and video systems, home theatre, home movies and security systems, through direct control of smart keys and remote devices, connection to different sensors and timers, and control through mobile remote applications.


They are used in ready buildings and houses


Used this solutions in buildings under construction

Moorgen System Features

1- A leading German company in the manufacture of intelligent building systems which all it’s products undergo 100% quality testing.
2- Global award winner.
3- Production and manufacturing (over 300 products) for all intelligent building solutions.
4- Has more than 160 patents.
5- Wired and wireless solutions can be connected to the system and the same user interface and controlled entirely from a single interface.
6- The ability to connect different systems (KNX – Modbus – Zigbee) into one system without any problems.
7- Products obtained dozens of international security certificates CE, VDE, UL, FCC, ROHC, CCC

Several features in the Morgan Application 

. Control all building systems (smart houses) from lighting, conditioning, billboards (curtains, slices, garages), audio-visual systems (home theatre) and security and protection systems from a single application.
. The ability to activate an unlimited number of users with different system control permissions.
. The ability to code, order and timing from the application without having to go back to your work.

. Remote control, notifications, alerts.

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