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is the lead and exclusive agent for German company moorgen and is the strategic partner of Al-Ayoubi company in Saudi Arabia’s, specializing in what is known as smart homes


About Us

Smart Life Tech is a Saudi company specialized in smart technologies. It has a team of experts who use the latest technologies to provide high quality control and management solutions to best serve government, commercial buildings and private homes using the most intuitive tools in the world of technology. Our systems allow you to manage security, control of lighting, air conditioning and motors. Then entertainment and electrical appliances. We don’t sell smart home

Smart Solutions Systems Provided by smartlifetech

Hospital systems

We seek to improve healthcare with advanced technology and superior efficiency and provide a comfortable experience for patients in an improved and integrated care environment by implementing advanced Morkin solutions and systems

Home Systems

Discover the future of smart housing with Smart Homes Company Smart Life Tech. Our innovative technologies combine comfort, security and personal control, to live a comfortable life connected to smart devices that respond to all your needs, providing you with comfort and control of your home in one touch.

Hotel Systems

At Smart Life Tech, we offer advanced smart hotel systems that combine luxury, comfort and technology for your guests to enjoy an exceptional stay with an unforgettable luxury experience.

Smart Building Systems

At Smart Life Tech we offer smart and integrated building systems that make your life more comfortable and efficient. These solutions meet your needs and provide you with the easy control experience of lighting, adaptation and security systems

Smart Solutions Systems Provided by moorgen

لمبة اضاءة

Lighting control

Make your home or workplace shine in style and uniqueness with Moorgen's smart lighting control systems, and enjoy a unique ambience design that meets your changing needs in one touch

ايقونة تعبر عن التكييف والمكيف

Air conditioning

Now you can easily and effectively adjust the temperature of your spaces with smart air conditioning control systems. Enjoy convenient and ideal cooling and heating control in your home or workplace

Motor control

With smart control motors systems, easily and effectively control curtains, pool covers, bicycles and only one touch. Enjoy complete control systems in your home with Murkin smart devices and products that make your life easier and safer

ايقونة المسرح المنزلي

sound systems

Exceptional sound, for amazing experience. Double your enjoyment of hearing your favorite music and podcasts with high sound quality with Smart Life Tech Smart Home Audio Systems

ايقونة كاميرا مراقبة

Security, protection and surveillance cameras

Unparalleled safety, absolute comfort. Protect your property and security efficiently with security systems and smart surveillance cameras. Enjoy peace of mind away from fear and anxiety thanks to advanced technology and flexible security control

system features moorgen

A leading German company in the manufacture of intelligent building systems which all it’s products undergo 100% quality testing
Global award winner.
Production and manufacturing (over 300 products) for all intelligent building solutions.
Has more than 160 patents.
Wired and wireless solutions can be connected to the system and the same user interface and controlled entirely from a single interface
The ability to connect different systems (KNX – Modbus – Zigbee) into one system without any problems.
Products obtained dozens of international security certificates CE, VDE, UL, FCC, ROHC, CCC
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Our Products

Because you are looking for the best, we suggest you get to know all the products
SmartLifeTech Solutions

moorgen system solution


They are used in ready buildings and houses


Used this solutions in buildings under construction

حلول لا سلكية

تستخدم في المباني والبيوت الجاهزة

حلول سلكية

تستخدم في المباني والبيوت تحت الإنشاء

بروتوكول    بروتوكول     بروتوكول

 Canbus          Modbus          KNK

moorgen application features

Control all building systems (smart houses) from lighting, conditioning, billboards (curtains, slices, garages), audio-visual systems (home theatre) and security and protection systems from a single application.
The ability to activate an unlimited number of users with different system control permissions.
The ability to code, order and timing from the application without having to go back to your work.
. Remote control, notifications, alerts.
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